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The comprehensive social media management and analytics tool to help you achieve your communication goals.

Does that apply to you?

  • Sie wissen um die Relevanz der sozialen Medien heute: Social Media Marketing ist ein wichtiger Teil Ihrer Marketing Strategie.
  • Your company uses several social media channels at the same time and would like to plan, create and post the respective contributions as quickly as possible.
  • Social media should not be a pastime, but should deliver measurable results.

Use the time-saving software that plans and evaluates all your social media content centrally: Sprout Social!

Your marketing activities have a clear goal: to scale your sales. You have valuable content that you want to share across different social media channels. But:

  • Posting on different platforms takes a lot of time.
  • You would like to integrate several employees into the workflow and thus clearly distribute responsibilities – but have no clear solution for this.
  • You cannot centrally and efficiently plan your activities once for all social media channels.
  • They have a high administrative burden because they have to keep an unautomated view of messages, comments and mentions across all platforms.
  • You don’t measure your success regularly because it’s too time-consuming to keep preparing new evaluations for each social media channel.

55% of consumers first learn about brands or companies through social media.

For Gen Z and Millennials, the numbers are even higher at 78% and 61%, respectively.
Don’t let this potential that social media offers you go to waste! Successful social media marketing requires a good strategy, planning, implementation – and evaluation!

With Sprout Social, you can simplify this process and run your social media marketing with less time and more measurable results.

How about if…

You could plan all social media posts for different platforms at the same time in one tool?

Do you have an overview of all the contributions that have already been published and are planned?

You wouldn’t miss any more messages, comments or mentions from your followers?

A collaborative tool that would make it easier for your marketing team to work together?

The software helps companies to achieve their communication goals - across all social media channels that they use.

The administrative effort is reduced because all the threads come together in the software and the playout of content can be planned and evaluated centrally.
Users receive in-depth analytics about who is visiting their content, so they always know what their audience is about and where their messages resonate best.

How does Sprout Social work?

We support you in setting up this unique all-in-one solution. The process here consists of three steps: analyze – assign – act.


Which activities are currently done?
What are the company's goals?
What resources are available?
Which target groups should be reached?


Definition of the essential channels
set up a communication plan
Create a coordinated advertising concept
Define key performance indicators


train employees
Provide support through creation
Optimize workflows
Use community management tool

Your benefits at a glance:

Engagement & Monitoring

Publishing & Content



  • Boosting of Meta Ads
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Competitor reports for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  • Custom workflow approval processes
  • Scheduling based on optimal publication times
  • Analysis of reaction times
  • Reporting for ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Helpdesk, CRM and social commerce integrations
  • And much more!
  • Management of 10 social media profiles
  • Central social media inbox
  • Content publishing, planning, drafting and queuing
  • Calendar for social media content
  • management of reviews
  • Profile, keyword and location monitoring
  • Task assignment and social media CRM tools
  • Reporting at group, profile and post level

Here's how you can test Sprout Social

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