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Benefit from our experience and achieve your goals in the media sector through targeted strategies and realizable recommendations.

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Use our professional advice to effectively communicate your message, mobilize voters and achieve your political goals as a politician or political organization.

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Our fundraising consulting will help you achieve your financial goals and achieve your mission through targeted strategies and recommendations.

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Attention to the issues and concerns that are crucial to you and important for your voters. Authority in your field. Intelligent, interaction-based target group construction. Ignite conviction and enthusiasm digitally with SYNTAGMA Strategies.


Your goal determines the way. In order to stay on course right from the start, we work together to develop an individual strategy aimed at performance. It always takes into account all current technological requirements and is based on your special requirements catalogue.

Online Research

Insights into trends and opinions. Our services include surveys, web analytics, social media analytics, experiments and focus groups. We ensure fast analysis and evaluation of the data, which enables you to react quickly to changes in your target group and opinions and to make informed decisions.

Digital Strategies

Digital disruptions have fundamentally changed entire industries in recent years. While traditional media used to determine the formation of opinions, there are far more channels available today. The best way for us to find out how to perfectly coordinate your organization is in a workshop.

Digital Communication

In order to be successful today, you have to make your communication fit for digitization. However, it is just as important to attract attention. A task that has to be thoroughly planned and strategically thought through - if costs, effort and output are to fit together in the end.

Digital Transformation

Digitization is progressing faster and faster. In order to leverage the full potential of technological development, the organizational processes must also be adapted accordingly. We will show you how to do it as efficiently as possible.

Social Insights

In order to determine how well social media campaigns are performing, ongoing reports and analyzes are essential. Of course, the first thing you do is access the data from your own accounts and campaigns. However, it gets really exciting when you can also gain insights from all relevant social media conversations.