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Fundraising poses increasing challenges for organizations: the competition for donations is increasing, while at the same time complying with legal regulations and managing the donations represent a significant effort. At the same time, donors' expectations of the transparency and traceability of the use of funds are increasing. But with our professional support and expertise, we can help you to successfully achieve your fundraising goals. We develop a tailor-made strategy to specifically address your target group and increase their willingness to donate. In doing so, we also take into account the increasing expectations of donors and rely on transparent and efficient management of the donations. Together we can achieve your fundraising goals and make your organization successful in the long term.

Digitization opens up new possibilities in fundraising. Donors are increasingly getting involved digitally and donating via online channels. We use the diverse touchpoints of the digital world and rely on a holistic digital fundraising strategy to optimally use the potential and achieve your goals. Through direct contact with potential donors via digital channels such as email, social media or messenger, we build a personal relationship and design attention-grabbing campaigns to encourage interaction.

For successful fundraising strategies, it is important to make the best possible use of digitization and technological possibilities. For example, Google and Meta (formerly Facebook) offer special programs to support charitable organizations that can be used in a targeted manner. In order to retain donors in the long term and to gain new supporters, it is also important to clearly communicate the added value of your organization and to show what the donations are used for. Honesty and transparency should always be ensured in order not to lose the trust of donors. We help you to develop and implement a successful digital fundraising strategy based on the individual needs of your organization and your target group.

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